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"My life is shaped by the urgent need to wander and observe, and my camera is my passport." - Steve McCurry

Jack has always had a willingness to explore, seeking out adventure and ways to learn from and interact with cultures which are very different to his own. Photography became a great excuse to look deeper and follow his desire to see the world, his natural curiosity has taken him to over thirty countries and over one hundred cities from Europe to Australia but it would be his solo trip to the other side of the world in 2012 that ignited his passion for photography, Australia and South East Asia inspired him to capture a new found perspective through the lens of his camera unveiling his talent for Travel Photography. 







Extensively travelling throughout Europe since 2016 Jack would come home and would immediately start planning the next adventure, this strong wanderlust has continued to put pins in the map, travelling to unusual and inspiring places, soaking up new cultures and expanding his portfolio. Jack plans his own itineraries and enjoys visiting cities where they serve as an ideal playground to experiment focusing on architecture and street photography to uncover how other cultures live in their surroundings from scandinavian living in Stockholm to the vibrant streets of Istanbul.

Jack's objective is to show to his audience a world they do not know intimately, always trying to think outside of the box when deciding on the best subject material, capturing locations in a unique way, adding his own personal style to every shoot, always adapting accordingly to suit any travel assignment.

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