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Into the Wild - Jämtland, Sweden

Jämtland is a county in central Sweden well known for its beautiful lakes, vast forests and abundant wildlife. It would be my first time experiencing rural Sweden and I couldn't wait to submerge myself into the stunning countryside that I had heard so much about. We set off on a six hour long drive from Stockholm heading north, into the wilderness.

Day 1 / A Place Beyond the Pines - Kluk, Jämtland County, Sweden

We had arrived in a place called Kluk in Jämtland County, and we had chosen to stay in a traditional small cottage painted in the iconic Falu red which is typical of rural buildings across Sweden. The cottage was nestled in an idyllic location in open farmland, surrounded by vast pine forests with panoramic adjacent views over open snow covered fields as far as the eye could see. It was a beautiful sunny morning, greeted with blue skies that reached over the rolling fields that surrounded the cabin, it was the perfect place to relax and unwind, so quiet you really were away from it all.

Day 2 / Breakfast with Reindeers - Kluk, Jämtland County, Sweden

Waking up it was a cold crisp morning outside, it was our first day and we were eager to go out and explore, just after breakfast we greeted by our host Ulrika, smiling and enthusiastic she was keen to show us her Reindeer. We wrapped ourselves up extra warm and ventured off across the slippery ice covered yard, and over an open field with the sound of crunching snow under foot. In the distance I could see some movement against the leafy backdrop, I could just make out the unmistakable outline of antlers as we walked closer I was actually seeing Reindeer for the very first time and they were so beautiful and majestic it felt like I had walked into a Christmas scene, it was magical. Ulrika opened the gate to the pen and we were introduced to five gentle Reindeer, she handed me some of their favourite food, fresh lichen and we enjoyed an unforgettable moment of reindeer eating from our hands.

A building painted in Falu red. The red pigment first emerged as a by-product of the mining industry in an area of Sweden called Falun, during the 17th century the colour was commonly used on smaller wooden buildings, where it was intended to imitate the more lavish and luxurious homes made of brick.

Day 3 / Frozen in Time - Ristafallet Waterfall, Undersåker, Sweden

A waterfall frozen in time, the mighty Ristafallet waterfall is one of Sweden's most beautiful waterfalls situated in a naturte reserve in Jämtland, Sweden. Ristafallet is easily accessible by walking down a pine needle covered path between winding between the trees they slowly revealed an impressive frozen structure. The winter months gives you an opportunity to see an enchanting spectacle of cascading ice that envelopes the granite rocks. It was a perfect sunny day and the ice, glowed with a blue and green hue, glistening in the sunlight it created the perfect photo opportunity.

Day 4 / At One with Nature - Tännforsen Waterfall, Åre, Sweden

A gentle descent down pine tree lined path way slowly echoes with the deep thundering sound of water and the trees part and reveal Tännforsen waterfall, a very impressive sight and certainly stands up to its title as Swedens largest waterfall. In winter it is wrapped in a beautiful and dramatic ice shroud, torrents of melt water from the lake above roars over the edge and down to the vast lake below. Taking amount to photograph this special location perched on a rock above the water you get a sense of the scale and a deeper connection to your surroundings naturally feeling at one with nature.

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