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A collaboration with a travel app start up called Viewbound who teamed up with Stockholms destination company called Visit Stockholm to get travellers inspired to explore Stockholm. Viewbound has developed a visual travel guide app that uses recommendation algorithm by matching locations, hidden gems and secret spots around the world with similar places that are closer to home. Proving that you don't need to travel far to discover amazing places.

I was given the task to showcase ten selected locations within the city decided together with Viewbound and Visit Stockholm to help travellers to discover the city's unique sights and to imagine what it would be like to visit Stockholm. The locations now feature within the Viewbound app.

THE Locations

  1. Nationalmuseum

  2. Scandic Continental Hotel

  3. Breda gata

  4. MÄster Mikaels gatan

  5. Medborgarghuset

  6. Stockholm Scramble

  7. City Station

  8. Malmskilnadsbron


  10. Skeppargränd

BONUS Locations

  1. Turkiska Kiosken

  2. Kinesiska Paviljongen

The app

Behind the scenes

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The images

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