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An artist
at heart

Jack has been a photographer for as long as he can remember. Jack has created his own photography business that focuses on producing content. He also works with an award-winning Swedish coffee company that roasts speciality coffee from around the world. In his spare time Jack loves to travel, exploring new cultures and practicing his street photography documenting his encounters wherever he goes. When he is not behind the camera he's enjoying life in Sweden, hiking in nature, drinking coffee, and eating kebab pizza. 

Jack Kelsall is a British freelance photographer and an all-round creative, Jack has worked in London, United Kingdom, Melbourne, Australia and now resides in Stockholm, Sweden. He developed a passion for art and design from a young age with an interest in form and aesthetics he studied fine art, achieved a Diploma in 3D design and later graduated with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Automotive Design at University of Wales Trinity Saint David. You can see Jack with his design concept at the 2011 design graduate exhibition here

Jack has a natural flair for design, he has an appetite for all things design related with an interest in furniture, interiors, architecture, fashion, graphic design and photography. Jack has found it a challenge to fit into one particular field of expertise as his passion lies in many creative areas and is an artist at heart. This has given him a distinct advantage enabling him to have a unique skillset to apply himself in many creative projects, but over time photography and content creation always connected his artistic passions through one art form and it seemed logical to establish Jack Kelsall // Creative Studio.

Jack is a passionate photographer, his passion was ignited by his desire to travel, led by his curiousity to experience new cultures. His camera goes everywhere he does, capturing details of this world through his lens. Jack travels to live like a local in a foreign city and becomes a tourist where ever he is based. Photography is Jack's main focus and provides the ideal outlet to channel his creativity, as a self taught photographer he has a distinctive artistic approach to his photography which means he is able to capture a unique perspective of a subject or location, combining his love for design and travel he communicates his passion effortlessly through his imagery, his flexible approach to his work means he is able to adapt to any project.

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